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// About Biblioteca de Ideias

About Biblioteca de Ideias

Biblioteca de Idéias has worked with qualitative and aesthetical differentials for over 19 years, integrating talents, creativity and competences.

Always striving to be sustainable and socially responsible.

In addition to providing excellent service, it can also make arrangements to handle event-related items.


The main objective of our team is always making your event highly successful. With our sustainable differentials, your event attains more human values, without losing your focus on results. As we monitor and are involved in each stand production process, you may rest fully reassured and dedicate your efforts to making your event.


More than assembling stands, we have gone the extra mile to provide assistance in setting strategic values for your brand on presenting your products and services


We provide consistent service excellence to both the domestic and foreign markets.

Expertise is the key word.

From the raw-material employed to the business of the exhibitor.

Our first step involves an in depth understanding of a company’s needs and interests to obtain clear and focused objectives.

Our architectural projects are clean, higtech and bold, joining aesthetical harmony, creativity and environmental integration.

We develop projects based on environmental and sustainable concepts, which may be presented three-dimensionally or by means of physical and electronic maquettes.

When you work with Biblioteca de Idéias, your project will have a fully prepared and planned briefing.

Construction memoranda are always carefully prepared and provide a a sample of all materials that will be used to construct the project.

Our business proposals always include: security, hostesses, catering service, a number of entertainment choices and various pieces of equipment, among other things.

On executing your project, we make personal follow up arrangements to preserve a balanced Budget and careful Forecasting for your project to be concluded as planned.

On finalizing the project, we perform its technical breakdown and corresponding building calculations, in addition to approving all the materials that will be used and completing all organizing tax forms.

We provide our exhibitor with daily preassembly photographs for project follow up and monitoring .

Our deliverables are always superior when it comes to delivery deadlines and quality.

We assign a standby technical crew with maintenance professionals during the event to deal with possible contingencies, according to the requirements of the case.

We endeavor to improve our operations and understand our own business and the means to achieve the ideal suitableness for our customers and partners.

We always remain at the complete disposal of exhibitors, assemblers, organizers and visitors themselves. We value flexibility in fulfilling the needs and wishes of every one who may seek our assistance.

Exhibitor: Aims at having all required services concluded with the desired quality and on a timely basis. He or she looks for competent suppliers which can perform their agrements with excellence.

Organizer: Gathers the required information an exhibitor will need to fulfill each stage towards the satisfactory completion of an event. To do that, he or she prepares a comprehensive standards manual.

Assembler: He or she has the duty of overseeing the work and ensuring that it is carried out as planned. To do that, he or she performs an encompassing follow up of the entire process.

Visitor: The extent of his or her satisfaction will reflect the success of the event and the exhibitor’s business.

The formula is quite simple:



We put forward our business proposal to go further than just building stands and bolster brand equity in events.

Your image, feelings and values are disclosed to establish a relationship with your visitors. We value quality, transparency, functionality, safety, relevance, comfort, modernity and innovation among so many other challenges that arise each day.

Today is also a time to plan for the future!

To strengthen our differential features, our projects are guided by sustainability concepts.

We help to protect the environment and communities by purchasing their environment-friendly materials and products.

We focus on the idea of having a more responsible world, thinking of a better life for future generations.

Some Examples

Our Projects.

Stand formats: Box, corner, corridor, island edge and island.

The stands can be delivered in the following styles:

• Standard
• Mixed
• Custom Built
• Environmental and Sustainable

Standard stands are built in octanorm and/or glass panes.

Mixed stands are built in octanorm, glass and wooden and iron elements.

Custom built stands are totally tailor-made and built in wood, iron and glass among other elements.

Environmental and sustainable stands are built using as little wood as possible, in this case, with certification of origin, in iron, glass, fabrics, natural fibers, compressed coconut tiles and natural landscaping.

Some Examples

Our Projects

Ten commandments for a successful event:

1º) Check the repute of the suppliers you have hired. Ask for references from their former customers.

2º) Make a checklist at least one week before the event.

3º) Identify your team with uniforms, preferably with you company’s logobrand.

4º) Hire a sales promoter and/or a bilingual receptionist, even if you can speak the required language fluently, as that person may be of help in the case of many visitors.

5º) Remember to print business cards in advance to hand out at the exhibit. Together with the event organizer, assess the number of visitors to the exhibit in terms of your potential to receive them in the size of the area you will have available, so you can forecast the number of visitors.

6º) Have at least two types of advertising materials ready, bearing in mind that you may have to distribute them in large scale and that your stand will be visited by very diverse people.

7º) Should you plan to receive imported material for your event, make sure you order them with enough time in advance, in view of customs clearances.

8º) Your stand visual communication is very important, so assess the quality of the materials you intend to use as regards the quality level required.

9º) Videos are materials that demand time to prepare, therefore you should consider them at least 6 months in advance.

10º) It is very important to taste the food that will be catered for your event. Make sure all food items offered in your stand have the same quality.

A major event cannot be held without: